I was channel surfing late the other night, as is my habit, and I came across Anthony Anderson of Blackish appearing on Conan.


While being interviewed he shared of recently losing his wallet in Los Angeles….

There’s only 13 million people or so there.

He tells the story much better than I can (Watch the two minute video!)

He shares how he was downtown buying something. He got home, realized his wallet was missing, returned to the store to retrieve it only to find the store was already closed.                Shortly thereafter  He then receives a text from his friend, Chris Williams, brother of singer Vanessa Williams, former Miss America.



Small world huh?

Chris proceeds to ask Anthony if he’s lost his wallet. Anthony says yes of course, incredulous that Chris could know that?! Chris goes on to tell Anthony how his friend’s husband was riding his bike downtown, saw a wallet, picked it up, took it home, and then proceeded to show it to his wife  who opened it up and realized who it was. Amazingly she knew Anthony and Chris Williams were friends.

SMALL WORLD!!  18mozgxwgu2ibjpg

She immediately sent Anthony a Facebook message ( apparently they are Facebook friend.. Want to friend me?- someday it might come in handy…you might get your wallet back!), Chris a Facebook message, also tweeted another friend of Anthony’s and then sent Anthony a tweet; all in attempts to return his wallet to him.

Anthony got his wallet back that night, everything intact of course.

How cool- What a Blessing!

If you’ve ever lost your wallet or credit card or phone or anything of significant value like this you know the distress you can feel in such moments. Kelli and I will be back in the Big easy with friends for Mardi Gras as is our regular custom.

During previous trips remarkably  we have found an American Express Gold Card  on the ground on Bourbon Street.


After using it to purchase a few rounds for EVERYONE in Pat O’ Brien’s


JUST KIDDING…. we were at least able to notify AMEX and let them know the Card was found so they could contact the owner.

On another occasion (we go as often as we can!) we also found a lost I-Phone and we were able to connect with the owner via the contacts list! She happily came to our hotel room to reclaim her phone.

Cool Eh?!

For Anthony to lose his wallet in a city in a city the size of LA, just how unlikely are the odds of it being found by someone who knows him in some way?

I know we’re all familiar with six degrees of  Kevin Bacon – Yes?- But it still is amazing to have something like this happen in a city of multiple millions – and to have it found by someone within your circle.

But of course when the Universe is conspiring to bless you the story doesn’t end there.

Anthony continues to tell Conan the other part of the story.

A short while later, he is heading downtown to an NBA Clippers game.He spies a wallet in the street, it is being run over by cars, cards are flipping out. remembering his own story he says he feels a responsibility to pick it up.

He gets it out of the street, heads on into the basketball game and does a Google search for the owner. His address comes up matching the drivers license with a phone number. He calls the number and an UCLA students mother answers the phone. he identifies himself as Anthony Davis, tells her he’s found her sons wallet and she says she’ll contact her son.

Two days later he calls, the wallet is returned to him and he tells Anthony: I was at the Clippers game and I actually saw you and thought Hey that’s Anthony Davis, maybe I’ll go say hi…. but decided not to bother him.

Anthony said to Conan: How cool would that have been if he had come on over to say hi and Anthony could have said, hey dude I have your wallet here!

The next time you lose something, take a breath.

The Universe is conspiring to Bless you.


I used to share a wonderful story. There was a young Jewish man from a very devout family. He went off to college, became intrigued with Eastern Philosophy and religion and eventually renounced his faith. His Father, being the custom of the time(the sixties) was so offended that he became enraged and disowned him. This continues for years. The son and his girlfriend eventually take a pilgrimage to India to explore their new found faith.


They travel for months, enjoying their adventure when inexplicably the son tells her, I feel like I must go to Israel  and re-look at the faith of my childhood. She is adamantly opposed. H leaves her and goes alone. Many weeks later he is walking along and out of nowhere comes and old childhood friend. The friend immediately says ” I’m sorry about your Father.” The sons looks quizzically and is told his Father has died.

Moved to tears, shaken, he later finds his way to the Wailing wall.

Orthodox Jewish men praying in the  men's section, Western Wall (Wailing Wall), Old City, Jerusalem, Israel.

While there he is told of the custom of writing prayers on small bits of paper and placing it into the cracks in the wall. He has brought nothing but in his tears a kind person offers him paper and pen. He pours out a prayer asking for forgiveness. Distressed he can find no empty crack in which to place his prayer. In trying to place it he accidentally dislodges a previously left piece of paper and it falls to the ground. He puts his prayer in the wall and picks up the one that has fallen to restore it. Suddenly heavy with curiosity he unfolds the dislodged prayer. There, he finds a prayer- SIGNED BY HIS FATHER – asking for forgiveness for how he has treated his son, stating his only desire is to let his son somehow know how much he loves him.





Circumstances in your life may be happening that make it hard to find all the connecting dots.

Hang in there.


BD 2/23/17


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